Monday, January 24, 2011


It's Monday and I'm at the computer adding to my list of gratitude...

It's true that changing your perspective, choosing to see the joy in each small moment will change your life. It's changing mine, as I type... as I breathe... as I thank.

So, #31-40

If you haven't seen the previous post entitled "Daddy", check it out. It's a hushed and hollered thank you. I love seeing Gemma's face as she gazes upon her daddy. I also love seeing Abe's face as he dotes on his daughter. What ties there are to the Father's love...

For beef stew in a crock pot...wait, for anything in a crock pot.

For a relaxing weekend with my family- talking in hushed voices, curling up on the couch, laughing with and cuddling a warm baby body.

For the strange "Riverdance" salute Gemma performed last night as I changed her. She had both of us laughing out loud.

For my brother's thoughtfulness- his kindness and intuition will really make someone feel special.

For creaky floors that let me know my house is lived in. Oh! how I love creaky floors. Even more so, I love knowing how to avoid the floor boards creaking. That's when I know I truly live there.

For bath night and splashing and having to drain all the water from the tub and refill it because Gemma peed in it again.

For my sweet baby girl's coffee colored birthmark on her lower back. I looked at it and thought, that girl is mine. I will always know she's mine with that mark. It's beautiful and funny and sweet and perfectly Gemma. It's like God's left His fingerprint on her.

For Abe. always for Abe. For breakfast yesterday and the conversation that went along with it.

For my mom- who squeezes my little girl all day long when I can't; someone I know loves her as much as any Grandma can and isn't afraid to shower her with affection.

There is always so much I could be thankful for- it's difficult to put just 10 up but it also forces me to just write what's in my heart at the time. Then, when I'm done typing, I'm done. I've run out of space to record this week and long for the following Monday's post. As gratitude spills over into every moment and from every moment, I utter hushed and hollered...

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

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  1. I found your blog off of Ann's! Don't you love the gratitude community? You have a beautiful family. And, we have a three month old too!

    I'm grateful for crock-pots, too!