Monday, January 10, 2011


holy experience

Gratitude #11-20

Soft piano music as I type

The quiet of the snow before kids arrive at school

Gemma's dimpled hands

best friends and the next generation of best friends

embroidered baby bloomers

a 2 year old miracle who knows me by name

Bayport and all it's promise

kisses on my neck

compliments from my husband that are balm to my soul

my mom- greeting my daughter with love and tenderness every morning- she makes daycare just "care".

Gratitude, or rather listing out the daily miracles in my life, brings me misty eyed to this computer every Monday. Will you join me? What are you grateful for? What daily miracles has God shown you? Where do you see the beauty of heaven in your every day life?

1 comment:

  1. I love me some embroidered baby bloomers too! ;) You have a cute daughter, and I love your list! Glad to have found you through "A Holy Experience" :)