Monday, January 17, 2011

and then some...

My list of gratitude continues. If you haven't joined in this endeavor, please read Ann Voskamp's blog:

God, speaking through Ann's gifted pen, is changing my life; drawing me back into Him; holding me close; cracking open my heart daily; wrecking me in beautiful, marvelous ways.

Gratitude: #21-30

For forgiveness- both the giving of and receiving of this- the most precious gift.

For neighbors who snow-blow your driveway for the umpteenth time since your snow-blower is still broken.

For a day off and all that today stands for- progress, unity, community, heaven.

For a somewhat normal nap schedule- notice I said somewhat normal... but the key word is NAP (hey, it's happening... that's all I care about!)

For delicious medium rare steaks served over baby bottles, burp rags, and pacifiers- oh how dinner time has changed.

For the journey that this gratitude list has started and the partnership with my best friend throughout.

For softly falling snowflakes and hot coffee.

For the quiet hum of the dishwasher and no other noise.

For this... a thousand times over for this:

For my husband, the officer- who daily gives of himself so much so that we may be warm, safe, and loved. For his early morning coffee making every early morning... the steam is like a leftover "I love you" long after he leaves.

and then some... and so much more... the large things and the small things. The deep introspective moments and the quiet laughter in a crib. And now, like clockwork, 45 minutes in, an awake cherub awaits.

Breathe, behold, a miracle.

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  1. That is the CUTEST baby. I think she should count for numbers 1 through 1000. Just continue at 1001. It's only fair!