Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3 Months

It's been forever, I know.  Sorry.  A lot has changed.  I'm super tired.  My sweet babies will be 3 months old on Sunday.  I can't believe that it's been that long since they surprised us with their arrival.  I'm still getting to know them- since they are preemies, this newborn phase seems to go on FOREVER.  They are just now making eye contact and starting to smile.  It came at just the right time.  I was beginning to feel like they were just two more appendages instead of tiny unique little people.  

We. Are. Exhausted.  However, I am not nearly as tired or frazzled as I was when I welcomed Gemma into our world.  So much is different about how I parent the twins compared to how I waded through first time motherhood with Gemma.  I do not worry nearly as much as I did with Gemma.  I'm actively NOT googling things on prematurity and developmental complications (and if you are, please don't tell me what you find- I'm letting our pediatrician let me know what to be worried about if anything).  That Google is a dangerous thing... I'm just sayin'.

I go back to work in a month, and I'm both looking forward to finishing out the school year and dreading leaving my babies.  They will only be behaving like 2 month old sweeties so they will seem so much younger when I leave than they should.  They'll be 4 months old technically but won't be nearly that far along in their development.  I'm sure it will be okay- just not looking forward to missing the firsts that I know come around that 3 month age... oh, well.  I will have all summer, thankfully.

I had great ambitions for this post and I feel like my writing is choppy and I'm tired so I'm going to cut this short; show some early smiling videos, and just put some pictures on here.  We are well, as you can see below.  More to come...


Me with the twins in the Moby and Gemma... we're waving!

Sleepy Daddy with babies.

Good Morning, Good Eye Contact!

Easter morning curly hair fail...

Rohan's First Smiles

Quinn's First Smiles