Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Last night I watched her dream...

after a long two hours of growl crying,
she laid still in my arms
laughed in her sleep
smiled with saggy eyelids.

she had been crying,
and yet...

here she was, having the sweetest
of all dreams.

the kind that makes you laugh with your eyes closed
purse your lips and flutter your eyelashes

the kind that makes this mama weep with joy over the beauty of her girl.

Last night I watched her dream... and I was swept

swept by currents of raw emotions,
ravenous tenderness
for this beautiful tiny creature
who chooses to love me.

she chooses me
daily with her smiles
she forgives my frazzled moments
love lights her face.

she is the most miraculous evidence of a holy and merciful God.

a divine love.

His thumbprint on her small frame
His voice in her breath
His love in her embrace.

We shared a pillow,
her arms tangled space
sweet, small, warm,
at peace.

Last night I watched her dream...

1 comment:

  1. This is beautiful, Sarah. What a talent you have for writing, but most of all, a talent for seeing beauty and contentment in such hard times.