Monday, April 11, 2011

Check out music from Christa Wells

Ann Voskamp linked to Christa Wells' music and it's breathtaking. Please, if you are getting double music- push pause on my playlist at the bottom of the blog and press play on this widget. She's so good. What a blessing.


Nilla Wafers- I think Gemma's going to like these someday- she is like her mama!!!

Sun Hats

New carseats


Warm sun

Flip Flops

Girls Night coming up!

Work time with other teachers who share my passion for art. Great lesson ideas, great conversation, and much needed support.

A visit from an old friend- donuts and chai. Loving on my girl and good conversation.

Baby food- but maybe not bananas... could be an issue for Gemma's tummy. Today we're trying chicken and sweet potatoes!

A wonderful well-child checkup on Thursday. She's doing well, looking good, charming everyone!

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  1. hey Sarah,

    So fun to see the pics of Gemma! Our little guy is 6 months now fun:)

    it's good read here again after my break from blogging. Your gratitude list makes me smile. Trust you have a great week!