Monday, February 21, 2011


Today, I am home from school- President's Day. Gemma and I get to spend the day together. The whole metro area is blanketed in 8-16" of fresh, heavy snow. The world outside my window is quiet, slow-moving, and still. I am full of gratitude, laughter, and motivation! (My house might just get clean, today... might...)

71. Fresh snow- I got a bit spoiled by the warm up last week, however, the fresh, quiet, clean snow is so beautiful. I won't complain. It's much better than the brown, slushy, melting stuff.

72. Pot Roast in the crock pot... cooking as we speak... making the house smell heavenly!

73. The rumble of snow plows during nap time. It's soothing in it's muffled noise outside the window. Makes me feel like hibernating.

74. Fresh doggie haircuts- clean and smelling good!

75. Apples- and not having an allergic reaction when I eat them, is even better! I LOVE apples... I daydream about when Honeycrisp come into season!!

76. Dinner with dear friends- chicken pot pies, prayers, accountability, and deep friendship; and now, all that with the laughter of kids in the background. Oh, how things have changed in beautiful ways!

77. Play day with Gemma. She's getting so interactive! I just love it!

78. Bath time... Gemma kicks and splashes and grins at herself. I love watching her enjoy the water!

79. Norwex... come on, all you Canadians- this stuff is amazing!

80. Abe... and how he holds my hand in the middle of the night. I love that he is willing to be for me, just what I need. I'm a lucky lady...

And just in closing... me and my girl...


  1. i always love reading your gratitude list, Sarah! One of my fav. times of year around our town is apple season!

    Glad you had some bonding time with your sweet girl yesterday! Have a great week new blog friend:)

  2. p.s. counting is changing my life's amazing isn't it? God's grace all around us!