Monday, November 22, 2010


Today I have a heavy heart. If you've read my blog for a while, you know I had a miscarriage a little over a year ago. I was so saddened and grieved the loss of Abe and my first baby deeply. When I became pregnant with Gemma, I was overjoyed but acutely aware of the unpredictable gift of a healthy pregnancy. Today I am acutely reminded again of the marvelous gift of my healthy beautiful daughter as those around me are bathed in grief.

This won't be a long post but please lift up some of my friends in prayer. I have a friend who just delivered her little boy 19 weeks early. He lived for an hour with his parents and then went home to Jesus. Another friend just found out her little baby has a fatal genetic disease. She is just starting her 2nd trimester. Lastly, a dear friend is faced with worry as her daughter is experiencing complications in utero. I still am praying for friends who have been struggling to conceive for years- praying that their empty wombs are filled with life even now.

How humbling, how heartbreaking. Hold your kids tighter than you did yesterday- nothing is guaranteed and I know that there are many women out there who would gladly trade places with you for a midnight worry session or feeding over a beautiful little baby.

Lord, please remind me constantly to be immensely grateful for Gemma- for every cry, for every late night, for every giggle, for every messy diaper, for every gas pain, for every nebulizer treatment, and puke covered pajamas. She is more than I deserve and for You to entrust me with her is staggering.

God you are good, please reveal your mercy, love, and grace to those whose hearts need you now more than ever. Lord, the ones you love are heartbroken... You know what to do- You are King of the Universe, Lover of my soul, Prince of peace, and the great Healer. Draw near to Your children and bind their broken hearts.

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