Friday, November 5, 2010

Eye Contact

Just yesterday, Gemma started making eye contact with us. She follows our voices and looks for us and then when she sees us, she locks in and gazes. Before yesterday, she would turn towards our voices but her eyes would be all over the place. She still has a short attention span for focusing on us but it's amazing to see her look right at me. Abe loves it too- he says her name and she cranes her neck to find him. It's so sweet.

So, while she was awake this morning, I had to take a few pictures. She even looked at the camera! I'm just over the moon for this little girl. She is lulled to sleep by my voice so I read out loud and she dozes off. She would much rather be held while she naps than placed in her crib or bassinet. She hasn't really noticed the dogs yet but they notice her. The constantly want to sniff her and be right up next to her. Violet especially, seems to take interest in her. When we are doing tummy time, Violet lays on her tummy on the floor with her nose about 3 inches away from Gemma's face and just watches her. It's quite sweet actually.

Right now, Gemma is in a baby bjorn, snoozing. She will sleep here for hours if I let her... or if my back would hold up...

Here are her 1 month stats!
Weight 9 lbs 2 oz
Length 21 3/4 inches
Head 14 inches

She's in the 50th percentile for her weight and head and for her height. She's just perfect! Then again, I already knew that. :)


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