Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Today is the day before my girl turns 5 weeks. She celebrated her one month birthday by being baptized at church. It was beautiful. We had intended on having a big celebration with our family and friends and a luncheon but due to her health risks, it was quick, quiet and perfect. The baptism happened during the church service and she was so quiet and slept through most of it. After the service, members of our church family and our "family" family gathered around her to ask God for her healing. Because she is at an elevated risk for respiratory infection/illness, they didn't lay hands on her but they did gather around her with their arms outstretched as I cradled my little girl in my arms. It was so amazing to feel the love and the peace extended through their arms. God has His hand on all of this. As our pastor so eloquently said, "even though our hands are not on Gemma, God's hands are." Thank you for your prayers and support. Thank you for loving our girl and respecting our requests to keep her free of germs. Thank you for checking in on us through this blog. We are doing well and soaking up our time with Gemma before I go back to work and life gets really busy.

Today, she is napping in her bassinet in the living room with me and I'm going to go pick her up and cuddle her because I can't stand letting her sleep there and not in my arms any longer. I love to feel her breath on my neck, her tiny hands patting my skin, and her little body smushed up on my chest. Heaven.

Right before I go get her...

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