Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tiny Turtle

This is just a glimpse of our nighttime routine. I can't resist how cute her little nebulizer is. The little turtle face just cracks me up. If we can give her this while she's sleeping, that's ideal. If she wakes up, she usually cries because she's hungry and that breaks my heart! The reflux meds seem to be making a bit of a difference- in fact, she slept for almost 5 hours straight last night after cluster feeding. It was wonderful and we are both feeling better today than yesterday.

I published her birth story but since I started it a long time ago, it posted before all the other posts. If you are interested in reading that, it's dated October 9th. Enjoy!

I continue to thicken everything and we are getting some more medical equipment delivered- a bed wedge and a danny sling to help her sleep more upright and keep the reflux in her tummy, where it belongs. She's precious and such a trooper- this is what she's doing right now...

Oh, sigh....

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