Monday, July 25, 2011

Post Baby Home Tour-Gratitude- I love Minnesota!

One thing I really love about Minnesota is our home. It's a small two bedroom one-story in Shoreview but it has such charm and character. This summer I really wanted to make it feel like my fingerprints were on it. I have been really inspired by some great decorating blogs lately so I've made a couple little changes to our house. First I did a collage wall over our couch. I like it, kind of eclectic, and it shows off my love of pictures.

home Tour  4282
home Tour  4278

Then I decided to get wild with our kitchen wall and I painted wallpaper- yep, I used a stencil, drew it all out and then painted it by hand with a little brush. It was tedious and by far imperfect but I like the way it turned out. Just a fun change!

home Tour  4273
home Tour  4283

Gemma's room has stayed pretty much the same- added the rocker instead of the recliner. Our late nights of extended rocking are hopefully, for the most part, over. We can rock her in this for brief spells or in the living room in the cushy recliner!

home Tour4279
home Tour  4280

We received some bedding from my mom when she redid their guest room and so while I was pregnant with Gemma, we went "Green" in our room. A fun change- a little girly, but that's okay! I really wanted to get a quilt in there eventually and this one is nice for the summer.

home Tour  4277
home Tour  4276

All in all, I love our home. It is one more thing that I'm just over-the- moon for about Minnesota. Someday we'll add another bedroom, another bathroom, another garage and finish off the porch but until then... it's just perfect.

Happy summer!

Gratitude #'s 210ish?

Sour neon gummy worms

little baby belly laughs

my girl dancing behind her stroller

the incredible U2 concert at TCF Stadium in the driving rain on Saturday night. IT was hands down, the most amazing concert I have ever been to. I'm truly considering sending a thank you note to the band. I feel like I was given a beautiful gift.

freshly mowed grass

my parents- so much gratitude for them right now. I'll write more on why specifically I'm so thankful for them but it has to do with one tired mama and a baby who needed to Cry It Out. :)

beautiful weather that wraps it's warm breezy arms around you as you sit outside at night.

White wine on the patio

The bug bag- to get rid of the Japanese Beatles eating Abe's wine grapes.

Sleeping with the windows open.

Holding his hand as I fall asleep

Truly, truly thankful.

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