Tuesday, December 6, 2011

just for fun...

I have seen this on a few people's blog and thought it might be fun!

Obsessing over: Christmas music, staying warm in my house, getting rid of winter ants, helping Gemma get all the gunk out of her chest, work, Abe's job.

Working on: a big project about education, getting clay projects up and running, making Christmas presents, being present.

Thinking about: how to keep Gemma healthy over these winter months, snow, Christmas lights, traditions that I want to start with my family.

Anticipating: a busy work day, snuggles from my girl, good news for Abe

Listening to: Pandora "Sufjan Stevens Joy to the World" station... right now it's The Carpenters' Silent NIght.

Drinking: nothing, now... but working towards a large coffee.

Wishing: peace, financial security, a job for Abe that he loves, more time with my family, energy, rest, a good night's sleep.

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