Monday, August 29, 2011


My gratitude list today is in pictures. Gemma and I are home sick- we both have colds. I am on antibiotics and she is just snotty. We decided to get a little fresh air today since we've been cooped up since Saturday. After a walk around the block, we sat down in the driveway and had our own little popsicle party. I've never let her just have her own. She loved it! In the spirit of just letting her experience life, I took off her shirt, put a blanket underneath her and handed her a dark purple popsicle. Stains all over her chest and mouth are the result, and I love it!

I'm so thankful for her health- even though she's sick right now- her total well-being is healthy. I'm overjoyed to be her mama.

2011-08-29 15.29.59

2011-08-29 15.30.31
2011-08-29 15.31.47

2011-08-29 15.33.05<

2011-08-29 15.35.15

2011-08-29 15.38.09

2011-08-29 15.37.55
Happy Monday!

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  1. These pictures are SO precious, Sarah! I hope you feel better, and blessings to you as you start a new school year!