Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Better late than never...


91. This weekend, we took my dad out for a celebration dinner in honor of his retirement from his 9-5 job. It was wonderful. We made a bit of a memory book and wrote letters to him describing what a significance his work ethic and sacrifice has been in our lives. He was really touched by the whole experience and all three of us kids felt like we communicated to him how important he really is. I'm so grateful for the whole evening, time with my family, and delicious steaks! Thank you St. Paul Grill!!!!

92. Sour Patch Kids- Abe brought some home for me as a treat... yum.

93. My family is on vacation this week so Gemma is home with her daddy. I'm so thankful for the bond that's increasing between the two of them and the way her face lights up when he walks into the room is priceless. She just captivates us.

94. My grandma- for her willingness to learn email even at 90+years old. She got an IPAD for her birthday from my cousin and now is sending emails! Insane! I never thought she'd do it! Way to go Grandma!

95. The quiet in the mornings- since Abe is on vacation this week, I'm the first one up. He sets his alarm for me... I know... I should set mine but his is right there... and then pushes snooze and just lays there with me. I love the quiet as both of us wake. I love the sound of Abe's breathing in the quiet morning... layered softly against the sound of Gemma breathing through the monitor.

96. Gemma's Lovey (little Giraffe head blanket thing). She pulls it over her nose and mouth to fall asleep (gives me a heart attack) and makes cooing noises. She wakes up daily around 4am but this morning, she pulled her lovey towards her face, made a few loud cries and promptly fell asleep again. If that will help us get through the 4 am wake up... bring it on!

97. Evie and her sweet dedication yesterday- Abe and my Goddaughter, Evalyn was dedicated on Sunday. It was beautiful and I love seeing her with her mom, my best friend Heather- So much hope for the future. They are both beautiful and I just love to think about what the next decades will be like for us and our girls.

98. Arylic paint- when I teach k-6'ers, I use Tempera paint. I forgot how much I love the smell of other paint- oils and acrylics... my classroom smells like a beautiful memory since my big kids used the acrylics- it's like coming home after a long road trip...

99. Connections- I made a new connection with a family this week. The kids are amazing and I absolutely LOVE having them in class. It was nice to communicate that to parents. The smile was really priceless...

100. Time... I have a new book to read, something fluffy- and I am finding time in the most unexpected places. Even though it's been a really busy week, I am finding time... just the fact that I'm finding any extra time is really amazing, but time to read?! Totally unexpected.

I feel disjointed with this list... maybe it's because I'm writing it on a Tuesday- throwing off my groove- but nonetheless, I'm blessed beyond measure. Daily, I have multitudes to be grateful for- creativity, passion, excitement, energy, innocence, hope, forgiveness, empathy, deep abiding love and so much more... and always so much more... because He is always more...


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